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Story behind the Name “Head of Lettuce” media

Posted in Cute Tech Stories,The Head of Lettuce by headoflettuce on August 25, 2010

Ok kiddo’s, recently I have been getting out more and more talking to people about how Head of Lettuce media can help them in their social media needs, and one question seems to keep coming up, so I thought I would share for everyone who wanted to know, but never got a chance to ask, and that is where did I get the name Head of Lettuce.

As I have mentioned before, I use to be the National Speaker for, and I did talks all over the country in every state but 5, well, when speaking I would tell the story of when I use to sell real estate in the early 90’s. I was doing color brochures (for those of you that don’t remember the 90’s, there were no color printers like there are today, and color photocopies were new and expensive) on all my houses and I was paying about $4 per copy for color photocopied brochures, which did look awesome by the way:) . Well, all the other agents were using black and white photocopies, some on stroke inducing neon paper. I would walk in to discuss selling a house and I would throw down the two brochures and ask “how do you want your house sold?”, they would always point to my color brochures and say, “we want that”. My response was always “Good news, I’m the only one doing those”. I would then turn to the agents in the audience, that I was telling the story to, and say even a Head of Lettuce could tell the difference between what I was doing and what my competition was doing.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to all the elements of “Social Media” there are way to many facets for most people to understand or follow it all as studying social media is a full time study, but even a Head of Lettuce can tell you it is important, and you need to be involved in the conversation. Hence the “Head of Lettuce” was born, now go tell your friends 🙂

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  1. Cool story! I had been wondering where the name came from … Love your logo.

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