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So you say your into Social Media

Posted in Cute Tech Stories,Foursquare,Twitter by headoflettuce on August 3, 2010

This morning I was reading an article from a business that offers assistance with social media, and I had to laugh when I saw they had under 50 followers and even less tweets. I have noticed more and more people wanting to be included as “in the know” when it comes to using social media in business, and I can only feel bad for them and their would be customers as they are obviously missing something. Knowing what social media is, and knowing social media is as different as knowing how to talk, and knowing how to inspire, engage and motivate others.  I feel like Jeff Foxworthy with his “You might be a redneck”, but in this case, you might understand social media if:

  • You’ve been to a tweet up
  • You keep in touch with friends using a location based check in service
  • You know what #FF or #FollowFriday means
  • You have a smart phone and you know how to use it to check in or tweet
  • You’ve made friends irl (in real life) from online.

Tweet-up: this is an in-person meet-up of online people with the intention of getting to know some of the people you have met and been talking with online. I personally host a tweet-up in my area the 3rd Friday every month under #Pascotweetup, and it is always exciting when new people show up and join in the fun.

This past weekend I went to a #PizzaOvenTweet that was put together in a few days and had about 25 people show up, with Twitter in common. I decided to bring my kids as did a few others. The funny thing is the location would have been crowded with 6 people; We ended up bringing in extra tables and sitting out on the walkway in front. This was an experience of living life and having fun doing it. Oh yeah and the Pizza was good 🙂

Made a lot of new friends

The thing with social media is that it involves being social and reaching out to others, opening yourself to them and them doing the same. If you are entering the medium figuring that you provide a service and you don’t understand these basics tenants, you might make a quick buck or two, but I predict you will not be around long. You might say it takes a “get by giving” philosophy to truly understand and succeed in this business. Go to a social event, get involved in the community, you will see that it is an open and accepting group who are all excited to meet others with a similar love for social media.

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  1. Ashish said,

    Liked it.

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