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A look at WeReward

Posted in Foursquare,Gowalla,Location Based Social media by headoflettuce on July 27, 2010

Recently Izea unveiled their Android version of their location based App WeReward, so of course I had to jump on board and do my diligent research. Like Gowalla and Foursquare, WeReward is location based, offering you a choice of locations near you. The difference is where Gowalla and Foursquare offer a focus on the social aspect of where your friends are, and non-tangible rewards, WeReward actually tries to monetize your reward, much like cash back on a credit card.

With WeReward you receive points for your visits to different locations, or for trying certain products. Here is a simple video from their site that highlights the product.

While I like the fact that WeReward tackles head on the question of Wiifm, what’s in it for me, I found it annoying having to photograph every visit at a location. This novelty wore off real fast, considering that I averaged 5 points per visit. Taking a picture took more of my time then I am willing to spend on a check in. I imagine that down the road they might come up with easier ways to check in, maybe via a code on your receipt, something that does not require you waiting on your camera opening up.

Another app that I am in the process of checking out is Face2Face let me know if you have played with it yet and what you think. I will post my thoughts on it after I have played with it a few weeks. I usually try any app for 3 weeks before passing my judgment.

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So many self proclaimed experts

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on July 23, 2010

Wow, things have been busy here with the Head of Lettuce. I recently teamed up with some developer/designers who have enabled me to start offering custom designed Facebook Fan pages, and I am really excited about the opportunities this will present. Check out our Fan page for more information.

A few weeks ago I was at a Social Media day event here in Tampa and I overheard an exchange with my friend @ThatGirlAllie and a guy promoting himself as a Social Media expert. Allie caught him off guard by asking him, what mad him an expert, did he have a degree in it. While the exchange made me laugh, it also made me think more and more about what qualifies one as an expert in this field. There are those entering this field from IT, advertising and Web developing, and where each one has specialized education that helps them cope with Social media better then others, they carry their preconceived notions of what “social media” is. My opinion is it comes down to those who understand developing and managing innovations.

My Degree in Organizational Innovations and my background in training have not made me an expert, but they have given me the tools that I need to better understand managing and training others in this new disruptive innovation that is confusing so many businesses. The fact that I have been actively involved in one platform or another of social media since the 1980’s, has fostered in me an appreciation for how much of a relationship with customers a business can build. I have also learned that you never stop learning. I have focused on the habits of being involved in the social media community, reading and reviewing new technologies so I can constantly be learning about new technologies and how they can apply to the business communication channels. I surround myself with those who I can learn from, and they all do the same. I think if anything, a social media expert might just be that person who realizes that there are no experts and that we all just play a small roll as a cog in the machine that is social media.

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