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Cool Valentine experience with my Droid

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on February 17, 2010

I had a really cool experience this past Sat. that I had to share. While shopping for some V-day supplies with my wife she turned to me and asked what ingredients do you need to make Hollandaise sauce, eggs Benedict is one of my favorite treats. Well I had no idea, so thinking of the Droid commercial I decided to test the phone, taking it out and hitting voice search then saying “How do you make Hollandaise sauce?”, well a few seconds later the phone offered me who graciously offered us an ingredient list as well as how to make it. Well she made it Valentine’s morning with a bunch of other stuff that was a great hit with me and the kids. What can I say, I am a lucky man and Valentines market 22 years since the day we met.

Another experience that day was with an app called ShopSavvy, this tool allows me to snap a picture of a products UPC code and it searches both local stores and online stores for that product looking for the best price, how cool is that! What I love is it saves me from hunting for a price on a product as it is like shopping with your own scanner. Usually the price is good where I am at, and if not I don’t buy it. WalMart lost a sale the other day, because the product came up as $19 at their store, but they scanned it at $30, and they would not honor the price. Imagine what this means for the future of price comparison shopping. I know it will make my life easier, as my wife “Queen Thrifty” will let me buy things I want if I can show her it is the best price and save myself from going and checking the price at other locations. Kudos to ShopSavvy 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this nice article. You rock!

    Should you have questions or concerns, just let us know.

    Remember to check out our FAQ located here:

    For faster support please visit our support site directly. You can post your question and someone from ShopSavvy or another user might be able to help. Support is located here:

    You can also follow us on Twitter at:


    Randy Baguinon
    Big In Japan Inc.

  2. send in your ShopSavvy story/video to us and have the chance to win a Google Nexus One or an Apple iPad

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