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what the heck is Waze

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on January 19, 2010

Well in my last post I gave my take on Foursquare, so I decided I want to go on a quest looking at as many of the new social media sites and tools as possible.

This week I decided to discuss “Waze”. Waze like foursquare works great on a phone with GPS, I am using it on my Motorola Droid (which I love btw) the difference is that Waze deals specifically with driving where Foursquare deals with your destinations. Waze seems like a simple concept that I absolutely love, imagine if everyone had a way of reporting in their car when they see a speed trap, an accident, or some other malady affecting traffic; Enter Waze. Waze has a simple user interface that I was able to easily use in the car with my windshield mount for my Droid; 2-3 simple taps allow me to report a speed trap on the expressway warning anyone else using Waze to watch their speed in that section. The system automatically records my direction and the section of the road I am on. While driving during rush house I often notice alerts from fellow users stuck in slow downs showing the average speed of the traffic in that section, again using the gps to assist in the post. You can check their guided tour at let me know what you think.


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