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Social Fresh Tampa

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on January 29, 2010

social media conference
I’ll be there will you?
If you want to go, let me know, I have a code for a discount of $100.

What’s the risk

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on January 27, 2010

Well after writing about yesterday and how it helps bridge the gap between the cyber social world and the real world, I spent more time investigating groups in my area and I have to say it is amazing how many people have created groups on the site, and under so many different topics. I found groups for moms with their kids, singles and active friends to go and do things with.

Well it got me thinking about a conversation I had with the destroyer of boredom MissDestructo last week and her cohort Daniel from DYER PRODUCTIONS. We talked about the geotagging in twitter and other location based social media like Foursquare and Waze. These new tools allow you to show where you are when you make these notes. Myself being 6’4″ and over 250 lbs rarely gives thought to such concerns like a stalker or unwanted attention, but what about those who do need to worry about such things. You need to start thinking of these things when you let people follow you. One of the apps on my Motorola Droid called Layar (I’ll talk about it more in the future) allows me to lay the geotagged tweets over the world around me through the phone’s camera, resulting in a way for me to see who is tweeting around me, literally. I was walking through the mall and I could see where people were when they made comments (see Tweeps around 3D) while this seems like a really cool novelty with possibly good applications for use in a close group of friends, what about when you have 100’s or 1,000’s of followers? What about when the crooks can slide in to your followers and confirm when you are out of town. I have a strict policy that my kids will not be active on social media until they are “really” over 18, I wonder how many parents are aware that it is only a mater of time before their kids location is known more by strangers (innocent and possibly malicious) then it is by their own parents.

My recommendation is to be aware, if you use these geo based programs, people are watching you, act accordingly, reduce your risk. In fact I would apply those same rules to social media in general, remember you are always being watched, and unlike someone seeing you do something dumb at a party, the net never forgets.

Bridging the Social Media Gap

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on January 26, 2010

I just set up a group for The Trinity Business Association on and was fascinated how this medium helps bridge the gap from the internet social environment to the real world. You start by entering your information for your profile then based on your needs or desires you can search “meetup” groups in your area that mesh with what you are looking for. There are groups for networking, helping others and everything else that individuals may have the desire to meet other like minded people.

The challenge: how do you filter. Browsing through some of the meetups, I wonder who is going to be selling me what. With so many people looking for additional forms of income, how many of these are people looking for a chance to add to their “down line”. While searching for meetups in my area, I have found some that appear to be local, but then find they have their meetings where no one from the local area would travel for a “local meeting”.

The positive: if you can navigate your way through and filter out the “trash” I believe this is a great way to find people of common interest in your area and get together with them. You may find groups that you never imagined would exist in your area like free Business networking, fantasy football groups, or even the Trinity Business Association which is a non-profit group for local businesses to meet other local business leaders and form relationships where everyone shares and benefits without ulterior motives.

new logo

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on January 26, 2010

well after having everyone weigh in on the logos, I have done a little revamping myself and came up with the following

The goal here was simplicity.

Please let me know what you think…

what the heck is Waze

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on January 19, 2010

Well in my last post I gave my take on Foursquare, so I decided I want to go on a quest looking at as many of the new social media sites and tools as possible.

This week I decided to discuss “Waze”. Waze like foursquare works great on a phone with GPS, I am using it on my Motorola Droid (which I love btw) the difference is that Waze deals specifically with driving where Foursquare deals with your destinations. Waze seems like a simple concept that I absolutely love, imagine if everyone had a way of reporting in their car when they see a speed trap, an accident, or some other malady affecting traffic; Enter Waze. Waze has a simple user interface that I was able to easily use in the car with my windshield mount for my Droid; 2-3 simple taps allow me to report a speed trap on the expressway warning anyone else using Waze to watch their speed in that section. The system automatically records my direction and the section of the road I am on. While driving during rush house I often notice alerts from fellow users stuck in slow downs showing the average speed of the traffic in that section, again using the gps to assist in the post. You can check their guided tour at let me know what you think.


Posted in Foursquare,Uncategorized by headoflettuce on January 7, 2010

There has been a lot of talk about as a new up and comer. There have been articles on calling it the next Twitter, and why it might be better. Well here in the Cave of the Head of Lettuce, I have been exploring this up and comer and I have to say while the concept seems good, and there is a lot of possibilities on the development of this company and the directions that they could choose to go to make their tool both a profit engine and a cultural phenomenon like twitter became in ’09.

If you have not tripped into FourSquare yet, it is a little like twitter in that the goal is to say a lot with out saying a lot. As a user, you update where you are geographically by “checking-in from various locations that you visit, like restaurants.  You get points for checking in from locations which seems to have some strong potential for marketing if they can figure out how to harness this system with out upsetting those sensitive to such issues. It does not seem to be trying to be twitter as it does not seem to be a platform to voice everything, instead it is more about voicing where you go and throwing out ideas for others who are looking for something to do. I imagine this will be very successful among the college crowd and those who go out regularly as you can easily go and look and see what everyone is up to, or what new things in the area you might want to try.

If you can get those in your “crowd” to embrace this tool and join in with you, you could find the tool very useful, as there is no longer the need to see what everyone is up to.  I imagine a natural tie-in for this tool would be to work with Google’s map where you go feature so the system reports when you get there rather then when you have time to say you got there. The question then becomes how much info about what you do during the day is to much info to share.  Would you want your boss to be able to easily see where you went for lunch, or where you were the night before you called in sick?

Imagine tying the two together though for someone who needs to keep a log of their mileage for business travel, many people need to keep a log, but few do. This could be the birth of a mile tracking log for those who need to track such things.

I have to say I am really excited about this new tool and the Head of Lettuce will be looking to see how to help businesses leverage this piece of the social media puzzle.

Proving the need for my business

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on January 7, 2010

As you can see, it has been a while since I posted. Life happens, between the holidays, and family visiting, it seems that I have been running around like a chicken with his head cut off. If only I had someone to write my ideas down regularly in my blog, wait a minuet, that is where I am going with all this. A good friend once told me we teach what we need the most, well that is true in my case. The good news is that I am getting closer to the launch of my first training program, and I am already talking to expert bloggers, writers and twitterers (not sure on proper word tense there, advice?). Anyway this all means I am getting closer every day to operation. I have learned from experience that Proper planning leads to proper execution, and until I have others livings counting on the company, I can afford to make sure the formula is being set up right for the company. Currently I am debating on class format, as a class with everyone on computers following along could be a nightmare for all but the slowest in the class, and I know that would upset me if I was looking to learn, and paying for it.

So here are the options I am considering:

1. Classroom with take home books that will serve as a reference and step by step of the class.

2. Same as above, but with USB jump drives handed out with complete materials on it, no printed materials, or a minimal of paper for notes with the jump drive.

3. a CD class that anyone can buy with embeded links taking students to the different social media so they can set it up as they learn.

4. online webinars

5. online self guided program.

I would love to hear feedback on what format you think would work best for the people you know who are not social media savvy, but want to be.

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