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Choosing a Logo

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on December 11, 2009

Well Design-a-thon was good to the Head of Lettuce, and I have three quality Logo’s to choose from courtesy Neil Blackburn at, I am looking for your help in choosing a new logo, please pick your favorite and vote for it.

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3

Augmented Reality at Lego

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on December 1, 2009

This past weekend I took the family to Orlando for Thanksgiving, much easier messing up a condo then the house. While there we went to the Lego store at downtown Disney. I heard about their use of Augmented Reality and was real curious to see how people reacted to it. Here is my Daughter using it.

While watching people observe as we played with it, most of them could not figure out how to make it work, or what it even was. I began wondering is this a PPT Transition and effect, by this I mean a tool that many of us tech savvy get excited by, but the general public could really care less.

I remember working on presentations in PPT and I would tell my salespeople, that no matter how much time you put into a transition or effect in PPT that most people could care less about it. We are a society of special effects and high technology in our movies and tv commercials that we are exposed to everyday, my thought is that this dulls our senses to new evolutions like AR to the point that something as cool as this application of AR in the lego store might as well be tucked in a back room, because no one seemed to really notice it; Or is this the fault of the Lego store for not realizing what they had as a tool and not presenting it like a giant keyboard in a FAO Schwarz toy store, upfront with a large screen and a roped off section to draw attention to the new tool. Might they be better served by promoting this technology as a new form of direction manual that kids can access from home when building more advanced models. I am not sure the answer here but I speculate that for as cool as this new technology is, it is going to take some non-techies showing the techies how to best use this technology and someone who understands the techie side to translate it to the non-techies. I expect that this is where the Head of Lettuce will really shine, as I believe I can provide that bridge in thought between the technically inclined and the techno dopes, as I have been considered both by many people.

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