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Total immersion this week

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on November 5, 2009

While getting my thoughts together for idea camp I have been trying to totally immerse my mind with many aspects of the new media that I want my company to be able to help others with.

I saw a great video of David Meerman Scott‘s  keynote at BMA 2009 national conference which I found to re-affirm my driving thoughts behind The Head of Lettuce. So many people know the value of the new media’s even if they don’t know what new media is, I hope to bridge this gap in education while putting their minds at ease that it is not so important that they understand it, but it is important that they understand the value of it, and that is where The Head of Lettuce comes in.

One of the things I have been finding more and more amazing is Augmented Reality, and rather then try to discribe it, it is much easier to show some applications of it. I found the first two videos on youtube, and they show some real world applications that we will probably all be seeing soon. The last video I picked up off Twitter from @mashable.

and like any new technology, there are going to be some interesting perversions of AR. Makes you wonder what kind of ethical arguments will be raised.

While many recognize how cool this application is, like transitions between slides in PowerPoint there are going to be good applications of this technology and ego gratifying application. I imagine this will be a hit with kids and teens before the general population starts to realize the value.  I can think of several very innovative applications that I will share in the future.



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