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Posted in Foursquare,Uncategorized by headoflettuce on November 24, 2009

This week there has been a lot of talk about as a new up and comer. There have been a bunch of articles on calling it the next Twitter, and why it might be better. Well here in the Cave of the Head of Lettuce, I have been exploring this up and comer and I have to say while the concept seems good, there is still work before the earlier adopters are ready to fully embrace it.

If you have not tripped into FourSquare yet, it is a little like twitter in that the goal is to say a lot with out saying a lot. As a user, you update where you are geographically by “checking-in from various locations that you visit, like restaurants.  You get points for checking in from locations which seems to have some strong potential for marketing if they can figure out how to harness this system with out upsetting those sensitive to such issues. It does not seem to be trying to be twitter as it does not seem to be a platform to voice everything, instead it is more about voicing where you go and throwing out ideas for others who are looking for something to do. I imagine this will be very successful among the college crowd as you can easily go and look and see what everyone is up to.

If you can get those in your “crowd” to embrace this tool and join in with you, you could find the tool very useful, as there is no longer the need to see what everyone is up to.  I imagine a natural tie-in for this tool would be to work with Google’s map where you go feature so the system reports when you get there rather then when you have time to say you got there. The question then becomes how much info about what you do during the day is to much info to share.  Would you want your boss to be able to easily see where you went for lunch?

Imagine tying the two together though for someone who needs to keep a log of their mileage for business travel, many people need to keep a log, but few do. This could be the birth of a mile tracking log for those who need to track such things.

Idea Camp and beyond

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on November 10, 2009

Well last week I was treated to Idea Camp by Star Tec Florida where The Head of Lettuce was one of 16 new businesses / ideas that were explored and furthered in their development. I made some good friends and great contacts that I am sure you will be hearing more about as the Head of Lettuce grows. It’s funny, just a few weeks ago my obsession with social media developed the Head of Lettuce as a concept to develop, and every day I seem to be getting pushed harder and harder towards my launch. Right now I am speculating that I will begin with product and service launch in January 2010.

One of the unique opportunities from Idea Camp was that 5 businesses were picked for the First Annual Design A Thon, I am excited to see what the public image of the Head of Lettuce will look like. I have always believed in letting the artistic go nuts with their ideas as they are usually the experts at what they do, and can develop ideas in directions that I might never have thought of.  Here is the press release:

First Annual Design A Thon

Tampa, Florida- November 21, 2009- Tampa Graphic Design Meet Up Group will be hosting its first annual Design A Thon at The International Academy of Design & Technology. The Design A Thon was created for the sole purpose of reaching out to the local community in this difficult economic time. In a 12 hour period, graphic designers, web designers, marketing specialists, and photographers will donate their time to help local non-profits, start-up companies and struggling businesses create FREE promotional materials such as; business cards, brochures, logos, stationary, fliers, banners, posters, book covers, in-store displays, advertisements, Thank You cards, invitations and websites.

Tampa Graphic Design Meet Up is looking for local non-profits, start up and struggling companies that could benefit from these services. If you are interested, download the application at and return it by November 6th. Winners will be notified by November 13th. You do not need to be present at the Design A Thon event to take advantage of this opportunity. Each company that participates will receive a CD of their final designs after the event.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please visit the website below for more details.

Food will be provided by FirstWatch. Stock photography will be provided by istockphoto and Veer.

About Tampa Graphic Design Meet Up

Tampa Graphic Design Meet Up serves as a resource to area designers in the creative community. Established in 2003, we continue to build a more dynamic and creative community where area designers can participate, network and grow. We welcome all types of creative professionals varying from students, freelancers, in-house designers, agency professionals, copywriters, web designers, and photographers. Everyone can find a place in the Tampa Graphic Design Meet Up to grow, learn and excel.

Total immersion this week

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on November 5, 2009

While getting my thoughts together for idea camp I have been trying to totally immerse my mind with many aspects of the new media that I want my company to be able to help others with.

I saw a great video of David Meerman Scott‘s  keynote at BMA 2009 national conference which I found to re-affirm my driving thoughts behind The Head of Lettuce. So many people know the value of the new media’s even if they don’t know what new media is, I hope to bridge this gap in education while putting their minds at ease that it is not so important that they understand it, but it is important that they understand the value of it, and that is where The Head of Lettuce comes in.

One of the things I have been finding more and more amazing is Augmented Reality, and rather then try to discribe it, it is much easier to show some applications of it. I found the first two videos on youtube, and they show some real world applications that we will probably all be seeing soon. The last video I picked up off Twitter from @mashable.

and like any new technology, there are going to be some interesting perversions of AR. Makes you wonder what kind of ethical arguments will be raised.

While many recognize how cool this application is, like transitions between slides in PowerPoint there are going to be good applications of this technology and ego gratifying application. I imagine this will be a hit with kids and teens before the general population starts to realize the value.  I can think of several very innovative applications that I will share in the future.


Google Wave

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on November 2, 2009

Happy to report after begging and pleading on Twitter, I got my Google Wave invite just now and will be spending some time on here to see what potential this tool has. If you are looking for an invite, you will see there are a lot of businesses forming just off the possibility of profiting from their invites. Several wanted you to sign up for offers. The one that I finally did just asked me to retweet their promotion. Don’t feel like I sold my soul for the invite, but just a little dirty. Here is the one I used if you want to do the same .

I am also working on the business plan for the Head of Lettuce as Idea Camp is this Friday and I would like to spend the majority of this week getting my brain in full swing to take advantage of this opportunity. I’ll share more as I develop my thoughts.

I expect to roll out my first classes in January as I don’t anticipate many people will be coming out for training during the holiday season. I will be beginning some coaching and I will let you know what I learn from those opportunities also.

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