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We teach what we need the most

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on October 28, 2009

When I worked for Floyd Wickman, a national real estate trainer, we had a saying that you teach what you need the most, and I feel guilty of that today. When blogging it is important to keep in contact and communication with those following your blog, otherwise you will be forgotten well that is one lesson that I know I need to work on, so I guess you can say that I am consciously competent  about that and will make an effort to get on track with my posting.

I have been watching a lot of the recorded talks from Blog World ’09’ and I have to say they are great to listen to while getting work done, check them out at I also especially liked State of the Blogosphere by Richard Jalichandra Which was full of useful information.

I have been racking my brain preparing to move forward and I have decided that my first product will be either an online training program or a classroom program, in conjunction with coaching. The classroom is starting to make more sense as a first product to launch as my training background should be able to take what so many are trying to teach and put it into a program that is easy for non-savvy technophobes to not only follow, but leave the class with an excitement and commitment to get started in their social media lives.   The questions I have in mind now that I am working on are:

How long should the class be?

In a computer lab or online via projector with the class following along?

One long segment trying to cram as much in as possible, or several smaller sessions giving attendants homework to do between classes?

As I get closer to Idea Camp I am making every effort to lay out my business plan so that I can have an efficient day of ripping it apart to make it even stronger.


Idea Camp

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on October 19, 2009

One of the presentations I attended at Bar Camp discussed an upcoming event called idea camp which is designed to assist entrepreneurs and inventors in the early stages of technology development. They say participants will refine their value proposition and identify target markets. I have to say I found this as a sign from above that I am on the right track and filled out an application to attend, and guess what…I got picked. The Head of Lettuce is a growing.

Here is what they tell me to expect “IDEACamp is a hands-on collaborative workshop. Participants will start the day with a brief introduction and technology pitch to their peers and mentors. Next, participants will engage in collaborative workshops to refine their idea, learn the components of an effective value proposition, identify target markets, and create a 60-second elevator pitch. All pitches will be recorded and distributed via a DVD to participants following the event.”

Now I need to develop a graphic for this day, I am currently looking to tie in the “Head of Lettuce” into the graphic idea, and suggestions would be highly appreciated:)

reflection on BarCamp Tampa Bay

Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on October 8, 2009

Prior to a few weeks ago, I never heard of the term BarCamp and would have had several visuals running through my head involving either a camp out in a bar, or a cartoon of a bunch of steel bars camping, I know both are just plain bad.

In a nut shell, a Bar Camp is an “un-conference”, which means there is no set agenda or speakers. Everyone shows up at barcamp in the am and those who feel they have something valuable to share sign up to talk, and the schedule is filled. BarCamp Tampa Bay started with a day that I thought would be more technology related for the developers, but proved to very valuable for this Head of Lettuce.

I started with Guy Hagen’s talk which I loved, because in the begining of the talk, the connection between his computer and the projector decided it was not going to work, as happens when you are about to do a talk, and Guy ended up placing his laptop upside down, screen facing up on an ELMO to get his screen to show on the projector.  As someone who has delivered hundreds of talks and trained hundreds of other speakers, I know how much somthing like this would through most speakers, Guy earned my respect on that alone. Guy shared two tools that he has developed, Twinfluence which per Guy’s sit is “a simple tool for measuring the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus.”  To appreciate the value of this tool, you need to try it, either enter your twitter id or someone else s and check it out. Another tool Guy shared with us was VidSquid, VidSquid works with Youtube giving you the ability to get audience reaction to different parts of your videos much like the dials used during the election debates which gauged crowd reactions. I loved the potential of this tool and all the possible applications of it, I’m sure I will use it in the future, perhaps to help others in developing their presentations.

The rest of day one I attended a bunch of talks offering advice for start-up companies and product development, it could not have been better material for this budding company, I soaked it up like a sponge and used the insights to bring definition to my product line that I will be offering. I can now say that I will be offering new media assistance from training and coaching to a menu of full services that will assist organizations in meeting the need to participate in new media with out the dedication of internal personal. I believe I will be able to help companies accomplish their new media goals for less then they will be able to do on their own. I will have programs in place to populate blogs twitter and other social media platforms important to your business. I’ll be back to share more about day two later.

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