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Posted in Uncategorized by headoflettuce on February 24, 2011

This is my old Blog and I am now blogging on my company site Head of Lettuce Media so if you enjoy this kind of stuff, hit the blog there as there are newer stories there. Thanks for visiting:)

Antony Francis
The Head of Lettuce

I’m NOT Friends With Your Business

Posted in Facebook by headoflettuce on December 4, 2010

You know time and time again I receive friend requests from Businesses and I am always torn, because often I do want to be friends with the owner or whoever might be running the account, but at the same time I feel like I am encouraging someone in a self-destructive behavior, it is like saying to your friend, sure fruitcakes are coming back into fashion, you should send them to all your client.

Fan pages let you track your impact on Facebook, they are designed for advertising, they even let you see the impressions on each post you put up.

Notice the impressions now show 🙂

If you are looking to build your business shouldn’t you have a way of measuring the metrics of whether or not you are making any impact, at least I always thought so, but those of you using personal profiles for your business are probably right, you’re probably better off being in the dark, not having a clue if anyone is reading your notes, forget metrics, they are over rated. Every time I hear someone talking that the personal profile is the way to go for business, I expect to see them on this list “Top 87 Bad Predictions about the Future” .

First look at Rockmelt

Posted in Reviews by headoflettuce on November 16, 2010

I was fortunate to score an invite to Rockmelt early after its launch and I have been playing with it to give those who have not had access to it yet an idea of whether or not they should be chomping at the bit for this new toy that is teasing us all with the “invite only” method that Google tortures us all with when they release any cool new application. First I have to say I am not knocking the method of launch, I think it is sheer genius as it builds excitement and gives the company a chance to ramp up the application, making sure that it is sound. The risk is that no one wants to see the general public react to their product like Google Wave, which even though I love it, was not worthy of such buzz.

In the case of Rockmelt, I also put it on my 14 yo daughter’s computer, and she fell in love with it, because of the way it keeps your social media content at the tip of your fingers. She could easily chat with her friends while continuing working on the site she was on.

Notice the columns on the left and right

The browser shows on the left side which of your Facebook friends are online, and can be set to just show you “Favorites”, on the right you can place quick links to your social media feeds, and it will show you the number of new updates as well as give you quick access to pop up sidebars to review those feeds without leaving the website your on.

The benefits of this browser, it makes it easy for anyone to stay on top of their social media feeds without having to have multiple browser tabs or windows open. The twitter feed seems to be limited to your full timeline or your mentions, I have not yet found a way to post list feeds to the sidebar yet, hopefully this is my short fall and not the browsers, as without the ability to track specific lists, you need to deal with the entire timeline, which isn’t bad if you aren’t following more than 100 active individuals.

The short coming of Rockmelt seems to mostly affect those of us with large twitter accounts and multiple lists, or multiple twitter accounts under our management. However I still like using it as a frame for my Hootsuite. Over all I think the browser is great for most people.

Beware of Twitter Vomit

Posted in Training,Twitter by headoflettuce on November 11, 2010

It’s funny, the more and more people you follow on twitter the more and more challenging it becomes to “pay attention”. You just can’t do it if you don’t use some kind of twitter monitor like Tweetdeck , Hootsuite, Seesmic, or any others of the like, one of my favorites right now is SocialOomph because it makes it easy to engage those looking to engage me. The funny thing is I actively use them all to stay on top of new advances so I can share the best option for each specific client, but I digress, let’s get back to the Twitter Vomit, which I notice taking up complete columns of updates, especially in the am. What is Twitter Vomit?

Twitter Vomit, has been brought up by others and the definition that I thought sums it up is:

Twitter vomit: What happens when people sign on to Twitter and spew forth 5 or more tweets in a row. These guys typically leave their mark (so to speak) then they’re not heard from for the rest of the day. “Whoa, did you see all the twitter vomit from @lerickson today? Jeeze.”

Clipped from “Twitter vomit” and other observations.
Posted by: leeerickson on: November 7, 2009

When you see someone post a bunch of self-serving tweets in a short amount of time, watch your feet, because the vomit is a spewing. The lesson should be obvious, but appears it is not. Rather then load up your twitter shotgun blasting your followers, try “dripping” your post out throughout the day. Sure you have a message you are trying to get out, but most people will begin tuning you out, or running from the stench.

Have you ever had that conversation with someone who talks with such ferocity that you can not get a word it? You find yourself screaming in your head “Shut up….Shut up….for the sake of all that is good, please Shut up!!! and they keep going on, well you don’t want to be that person. BTW if you’re not sure what I am talking about, bad news, you might be that person:(

The Key to avoiding being guilty of Twitter Vomit? Remember that social media is an interactive platform, not a radio broadcast, it is a conversation. God gave you one mouth and two ears so that you may listen twice as much as you talk. Only by showing others that you care, and are interested in them, will they show interest in you.

Avoid Twitter vomit, call on the Head of Lettuce Media team to help you maximize your twitter presence while being twitter friendly:)

Social Media Audit

Posted in Strategy,The Head of Lettuce by headoflettuce on November 3, 2010

Working on a social media audit for one of our customers here at Head of Lettuce, and it brings to mind how few companies know the answers to such important questions like: What percentage of the company is on Twitter? What percentage is on Facebook? How many have fanned the company page? These questions are necessary for any organization to know the answers to, and how to deal with the numbers no matter the mix.

What if you have a significant number of employees on social media, how do you monitor them? How do you protect your brand name? How do you prevent inadvertent slips? These are all important parts of a successful social media strategy. It is often said in management that you can not move forward without a true understanding of where you are, well you better figure that out.

I’ve noticed that once the executive team of an organization begins to understand the risk as well as the benefits of social media they embraces it and want to understand as much as they can. It is up to social media companies to help businesses realize this.

Social media is a disruptive innovation that is changing the way we do business and communicate with consumers. Much like e-mail made it easier and cheaper for an organization to maintain a large mailing list, Social Media is now creating relationships sought out by the consumer.

Consumers want to interact with businesses as they often feel like they are on the same team as the business. We saw a great example this week, where an overzealous fan of one of the companies we are working with, is using the company logo on their FB profile, making it look like they work for the company. This is a great problem, because this individual is that big of a fan of the company. Obviously a company can’t have this because of the inherent risks, but the intent of the customer is truly one we should all hope that all of our customers look to duplicate.

A good social media audit will uncover all kinds of “challenges”, but that’s the goal. Issues like the one I described going unchecked could result in a much more expensive result for the organization. Have a business that you are concerned about your social media interactions and employees involvement, contact us to discuss how we can help you.

We are not an Advertising agency

Posted in Strategy,The Head of Lettuce,Twitter by headoflettuce on October 27, 2010

I know I know, I went and thought I would increase my number of blog posts, and here it has been almost a month since my last post #fail. What can I say, the doctors kids are usually the last to see the doctor:)

All I can say is what a busy month it has been. The Head of Lettuce has been shot out of a cannon and is accelerating to light speed, we are working on some amazing business alliances, products and services.

This month a common theme kept coming up in conversations and that is, We are not an advertising agency and we are not a PR firm, nor are they a Social Media company. Advertising agencies are specialist in broadcast messaging, one way messaging like tv, print and radio. PR agencies help you develop the message you would like out there. Social Media companies like us, well we help you enter the conversation about your brand, the key word being conversation.

Social Media companies, at least the good ones like us :), work the different mediums and understand that there is a two-way conversation going on. They understand the etiquette and will translate it into understandable bite size pieces so that you will too. Weather or not you have time to do what is necessary is another issue, and that is where we come in. We have the experts who can do it for you, and if you have special needs outside of our staffs ability, we bring in the expert right for your needs.

One of my biggest pet peeves are the people entering into social media, representing themselves as an “expert” or even a practitioner, and yet they publicly make mistake after mistake. I’ve seen companies and individuals claim to help people with social media, and all they do is broadcast, broadcast and broadcast some more. How can you spot these impostors? simple, try to engage them, mention them, tweet them, see if they answer, see how long it takes. Have them explain social media to you, and trust your gut.

We offer free sit downs with any business considering out help, and more importantly offer no pressure, if we are right for you, you will know. One of my favorite sayings is “If you have a product worth selling, it will sell itself”.

Can Twitter tell what kind of Lover you are?

Posted in Twitter by headoflettuce on September 29, 2010

Ok, even I am laughing after writing that title, and I will warn you now, there is nothing scientific in here, and no research was done as I am happily married, but I had this thought this morning as I continue to see people on twitter who seem to be so self engrossed that they have no idea what anyone else on twitter is doing or saying, even when we address them. I then had a brain fart which made me think what these people might be like as lovers…that’s right, I went there:) Are they so self-absorbed with their twitter masturbation that they pay no attention to the needs of others and feel that they are entitled to all the attention? Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you are screaming in your head “WILL YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME FOR A SECOND”. I see these self-absorbed tweeters as the partner who just lies there in bed waiting for you to do everything…#fail&frustration. I haven’t made parallels for the other types of tweeters, so feel free to add your thoughts, please keep them pg 🙂

I am always concerned when watching my account numbers grow as I want to make sure I engage anyone reaching out to me, does that make me needy, I don’t think so, i think it makes me a person concerned about your experience as much as my own.

What about people pimping their business non-stop all day with links? or those following everyone, but with no one following them back. Curious to hear your thoughts on this, don’t be afraid to have fun with this.

Swarm, Herd and Mob behavior in Social Media?

Posted in Facebook,Strategy,Twitter by headoflettuce on September 23, 2010

For a few weeks now I have obsessed over the applications of Swarm, herd and Mob behavior and how they might apply to social media, and I believe there is something there worth striving to understand. I believe that how people behave online might follow these theories.

Swarm behaviour or Swarm Intelligence discusses how working together the group is smarter and stronger than the individual. This is demonstrated by insect swarms, where the individual insect is not intelligent, but collectively they can carry out some pretty amazing/destructive things. I believe that swarming can be one of the causes of topics trending on twitter.

In April of this year we saw a swarm with the creation of #4SQDAY. Consider only 3 weeks before 4/16/2010 no one ever thought of a “Foursquare Day” see the story here. With 4SQDAY we saw an idea’s inception that was shared with a core group via twitter, that group then then focused their attention on getting this idea “out there” and the collective bit on it. We then saw this idea grow in 3 weeks to 250 cities throwing parties in at least 35 countries. Don’t find this impressive, try planning just 10 parties in ten cities in 3 weeks.

Herd behavior discusses how individuals act in a similar pattern to those around them, much like a flock of birds. This Herd behavior can be seen in the stock market where individuals look to see how others are acting, and without thinking about it, mimic their behavior. On Twitter, herd behavior would be one probable cause of people re-tweeting trending topics, causing them to continue to trend. “It’s what everyone is doing”.

Mob behavior however discusses people being motivated to act in a fashion outside of their character, because they are swept up in the moment with others demonstrating that behavior, this is accountable for why people buy impulse items when they see others buying those items, even if they never intended to buy those items. On Twitter, mob behavior may be an explanation for people who jump on board attacking a company or brand online. Today while researching a company that I am meeting with next week I noticed that they were promoting a “big announcement”; after the announcement I noticed a quick mob joined in after the first negative remark, people jumped in on the company, and my guess is that some of those people only jumped in, because they saw others doing it.

The question now, which I hope to investigate and find out, is can behaviors such as these be artificially created, can they be focused, once focused, can they be dispersed or redirected in a new direction. I am looking for any and all ideas on this, so please chime in. If you have any examples of any of these behaviors, add them as a comment. I hope to have a follow-up to this article, including what I learn.

Note about my Twitter Accounts

Posted in The Head of Lettuce by headoflettuce on September 21, 2010

I had a friend ask me a good question about my @HOLMedia account & my @Antony511 account, are they going to be redundant, and at that moment I was not sure my answer on that, but I think I have figured it our.

@Antony511 is me, good, bad and the ugly. It is where I talk about everything and anything, which also includes my business, social media.

@HOLMedia is my company account that I expect to be more focused on social and new media conversation.

So the question is, is there a benefit to following both, and the answer is no, at least not now, as most of the stuff that @HOLMedia tweets will also be shared by @Antony511, but not everything I do in my personal account will be shared on the company site. So if you are a friend, stick with @Antony511, it is who I am. If you are only looking for what I share about social media, then you really only want to follow @HOLMedia.

Does this make sense?

For the love of all that is good, please stop Tweeting

Posted in Twitter by headoflettuce on September 21, 2010

Today I was witnessing some tweets from people who just don’t get Twitter. I don’t follow you so I can get your daily plug, a link to an identical post on Facebook or what amounts to spam. I want to interact, I want you to engage me, I want you to acknowledge when I tweet you. Lisa Barone discusses two points in her blog post 6 Ways to Lose Customers, Credibility & Friends On Social Media under ignoring your audience and auto spam; great article in general.

While I am discussing the things I hate on twitter, I found another article by Naren Ubi that hits a bunch of my pet peeves, Top ten tweeter-types you must NOT follow on twitter with the biggest pet peeve of all being people who do not interact. Why be on social media if you are not going to be social, no matter what you think, you are not that interesting.

This is not spam me please, nor is it “I worship the ground you work on and will just sit here waiting for every word you tweet”. Be Social! If you are worried that I might be talking about you, read the articles, and if you are the one, change you habits. 🙂

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